Downing, Laura, Annie Rialland, Jean-Marc Beltzung, Sophie Manus, Cédric Patin & Kristina Riedel (eds.). 2010. Papers from the Workshop on Bantu Relative Clauses. (ZAS Papers in Linguistics 53). Berlin: ZAS.
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Laura J. Downing, Annie Rialland, Cédric Patin & Kristina Riedel

Jean-Marc Beltzung, Annie Rialland & Martial Embanga Aborobongui
Les relatives possessives en mbochi (C25)

Lisa L.-S. Cheng & Laura Downing
Locative Relatives in Durban Zulu

Laura J. Downing & Al Mtenje
The Prosody of Relative Clauses in Chewa

Larry M. Hyman & Francis X. Katamba
Tone, Syntax, and Prosodic Domains in Luganda

Shigeki Kaji
A Comparative Study of Tone of West Ugandan Bantu Languages, with Particular Focus on the Tone Loss in Tooro

Charles W. Kisseberth
Phrasing and Relative Clauses in Chimwiini

Emmanuel-Moselly Makasso
Processus de relativisation en bàsàa: de la syntaxe à la prosodie

Sophie Manus
The Prosody of Símákonde Relative Clauses

Cédric Patin
The Prosody of Shingazidja Relatives

Kristina Riedel
Relative Clauses in Haya

Sabine Zerbian
The Relative Clause and its Tones in Tswana

BantuPsyn Project Members
Appendix: Relative Clause Questionnaire