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Ines Fiedler, Anne Schwarz

Klaus Abels, Peter Muriungi
The focus particle in Ktharaka

Enoch O. Aboh
When verbal predicates go fronting

Robert Carlson
Genitive focus in Supyire

Bernard Caron
Condition, topic and focus in African languages: Why conditionals are not topics

Klaudia Dombrowsky-Hahn
Argument focus in Kar (Senufo)

Wilfrid H. G. Haacke
Syntactic focus marking in Khoekhoe (Nama/Damara)

Angelika Jakobi
Focus in an active/agentive alignment system the case of Beria (Saharan)

Susie Jones
Focus in Yorùbá: a semantic/pragmatic account

Gregory Kobele, Harold Torrence
Intervention and focus in Asante Twi

H. Ekkehard Wolff, Doris Löhr
Encoding focus in Kanuri verbal morphology: Predication focus and the "Kanuri focus shift"