Hall, Tracy A. & Silke Hamann (eds.). 2003. Papers in phonology and phonetics (ZAS Papers in Linguistics 32). Berlin: ZAS. [pdf]

Karen Baertsch, Stuart Davis
The Split Margin Approach to Syllable Structure

Jana Brunner, Susanne Fuchs, Pascal Perrier, Hyeon-Zoo Kim
Mechanisms of Contrasting Korean Velar Stops:

Stuart Davis
The Interaction of Nasal Substitution and Redupication in Ponapean

Antony Dubach Green
The Independence of Phonology and Morphology: The Celtic mutations 

T. A. Hall
Anti-Structure Preservation Effects in OT 

T. A. Hall, Silke Hamann
Towards a Typology of Stop Assibilation

Silke Hamann
German Glide Formation Functionally Viewed 

Marzena Zygis, Jane Padgett
The Evolution of Sibilants in Polish and German

Marzena Zygis
Phonetic and Phonological Aspects of Slavic Sibilant Fricatives