Zhang, Niina Ning (ed.). 2001. Syntax of predication : Proceedings of the workshop on Syntax of Predication, Nov 2-3, 2001, ZAS-Berlin (ZAS Papers in Linguistics 26). Berlin: ZAS.

Niina Ning Zhang

David Adger, Gillian Ramchand
Predication and Equation

Tor A. Åfarli, Kristin M. Eide
Predication at the Interface

Ana Ardid-Gumiel
The Syntax of Depictives, Subjects, Modes of Judgement and I-L/S-L Properties

Kleanthes K. Grohmann
On Predication, Derivation and Anti-Locality

Youngjun Jang, Siyoun Kim
Secondary Predication and Default Case

Jaume Mateu
Small Clause Results Revisited

Joan Rafel
The Syntax of Small Clause Predication

Kylie Richardson
What Secondary Predicates in Russian Tell us About the Link Between Tense, Aspect and Case

Peter Svenonius
Case and Event Structure

Niina Ning Zhang
On Nonprimary Selectional Restrictions