Schwabe, Kerstin & Klaus von Heusinger (eds.). 2001. Information Structure and the referential status of linguistic expressions : Workshop as part of the 23 annual meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft in Leipzig; Leipzig, February 28 - March 2, 2002 (ZAS Papers in Linguistics 23). Berlin: ZAS.

Kerstin Schwabe, Klaus von Heusinger
Editorial Preface

Franz-Josef d'Avis
On the interpretaion of wh-clauses in exclamative environments

Carsten Breul
Focus structure and the referential status of indefinite quantificational expressions

Dina Brun
Information Structure and the Status of NP in Russian

Daniel Büring
What Do Definites Do That Indefinites Definitely Don't?

Donka F. Farkas
Specificity Distinctions

Hans-Martin Gärtner
On the force of V2 declaratives

Michael Hegarty, Jeanette K. Gundel, Kaja Borthen
Information Structure and the Accessibility of Clausally Introduces Referents

Jürgen Lenerz
Scambling and Reference in German

Horst Lohnstein
Sentence mood constitution and indefinite noun phrases

Norberto Moreno, Isabel Pérez
Information Structure and the Referential Status of Bare Plurals

Paul Portner
Topicality and (Non-) Specificity in Mandarin

Ingo Reich
Question/Answer Congruence and the Semantics of wh-Phrases

Elisabeth Stark
Indefiniteness and Specificity in Old Italian Text

Anita Steube
Correction by contrastive focus

Carla Umbach
(De)accenting Definite Descriptions