Susanne Fuchs, PhD

·        Single, one child (born 2004)




PhD student at Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

PhD title: Articulatory correlates of the voicing contrast in alveolar obstruent production in German (supervisors: Prof. Jim Scobbie, Dr. Alan Wrench, Prof. Bernd Pompino-Marschall)


MA student in Drama, Cultural Communication, New German Literature, Linguistics at Humboldt University Berlin; Intermediate examinations


Diploma student of Speech Science and Speech Therapy at Humboldt University Berlin, Diploma (level A) Thesis title: Speaking styles in presenting of the radio news (with honours) (supervisors: Prof. Braun, Prof. Bernd Pompino-Marschall)


Student of Social Psychology at Friedrich Schiller University Jena


Non-scientific professional experience





Shift worker in shoe factory “Panther” Ehrenfriedersdorf (GDR)

Geriatric care for Diakonie and different private companies in Berlin

Director assistant at the theatre (Schauspielhaus) in Chemnitz (Production: Red Ryder)

Director assistant at the theatre in Berlin Treptow (Production: Trübsal am hellichten Tag oder umgekehrt)

Scientific experience



Request for group leader position for the Phonetics-Phonology Group at ZAS

Full-time research position in the project: Constituent-related phenomena of spoken language at ZAS Berlin, funded by the Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF)


Member of the language documentation project in Vanuatu (Ambrym) sponsored by the VW-Foundation (PI: Prof. Manfred Krifka, ZAS Berlin), Role: Camera woman, 2-months stay at Ambrym in 2010 for film documentation (see


Postdoc position at the Institut de la Communication Parlée, Grenoble, France


Half-time and later full-time research position in the project: Articulatory economy and perceptual discriminability at ZAS Berlin, funded by the German Research Council (DFG)

Awards & Grants




PI (with Manfred Krifka & Cornelia Ebert) for DFG project PSIMS: The pragmatic status of iconic meaning in spoken communication: Gestures, ideophones, prosodic modulations (177 050€ respective part)

Award for highly cited research in recognition of the contribution to the quality of the Journal of Phonetics (Elsevier)



Grant for the organization of the International Winter School (15000 Euro) by the French-German University (UFA) Saarbrücken




Invitation for an interview for an ERC Starting grant (Brussel)

PI: SPEECHart: Speaker-specific articulation as an adaptation to speaker-specific vocal tract shapes (PI), funded by the German Research Council (ca. 200 000 €)



PI (together with Pascal Perrier) PILIOS: Speech as the interaction between linguistics, cognition and physics – Data and models; funded by the French-German University (UFA) Saarbrücken (260 000 €)



Christian Benoit Award (7500 €)



Grant for the organization of the German-French Summer School (CNRS, DFG & AFCP, 12000 Euro)





Grant for the organization of the German-French Summer School (13000 Euro) by the French-German University Saarbrücken

Grant for POPAART (P2R Germany - Ministère des Affaires Etrangères – CNRS): Facteurs physiques et de contrôle moteur dans les propriétés acoustiques et articulatoires de la parole: données physiologiques, expérimentations physiques, simulations et interprétation phonétique (Money for exchange between French and German laboratories), Role: Coordination and grant writing with Pascal Perrier



ISCA award for travelling to ICPhS in Barcelona



Princess Alice Award from QMUC in Edinburgh (support for a guest stay in Columbus Ohio (USA) Osamu Fujimura and at Haskins Laboratories (USA) with Anders Löfqvist)



ESCR graduate scholarship  for my PhD at QMUC in Edinburgh



Grants under review


PI (with Amelie Rochet-Capellan, GIPSA-lab Grenoble) Spoken language in motions

Learning and adaptation of speech communication in the context of body motions

Leibniz competition

PI (with Peter Birkholz, TU Dresden & Dan Dediu, MPI Nijmegen) Sound production and aging: From genes to vocal tract anatomy, articulation and acoustics.



Technical skills












Motion capture (OptiTrack) to analyze body gestures

Inductance Pletysmography (respitrace) to analyze respiration

Electromagnetic Articulography to analyze articulatory kinematics

Electropalatography to analyze tongue-palatal contacts during speech production

Piezoresistive pressure sensor to analyze intraoral pressure

Laryngography to analyse vocal fold vibrations/contacts

Photoelectroglottography to analyze glottal aperture

Hooked wire electromyography to analyze muscular activation

Eye tracking to analyze language processing and speech planning

Magnetic Resonance Imaging to analyze individual vocal tract anatomy and articulation

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging to analyze BOLD responses and neuronal activation

Electroencephalography to analyze evoked cortical potentials





MATLAB, R, Praat, Latex and the standard Microsoft products


English (proficient), German (native), basic knowledge of French


Scientific Memberships


ASA, Labphon, German Linguistic Society, IPA


Organization of conferences, workshops, schools


ISSP 2008 in Strasbourg (150 participants)

ISSP 2014 in Cologne (200 participants)

P and P 2017 in Berlin (100 participants expected)


Summer schools

Series of 5 schools

“Speech production and perception: Models and data” in Lubmin 2004 (Germany),

“Speech production and perception: Speech and the brain” in Autrans 2007 (France),

“Speech production and perception: Planning and dynamics” in Berlin 2010 (Germany),

“Speech production and perception: Speaker-specific behavior” in Aix-en-Provence 2013 (France), “Speech production and perception: Learning and memory” in Chorin 2017 (Germany)



Conference on turbulences (ZAS 2005),

Is there a biological grounding of phonology? (ICPhS Saarbrücken, 2007),

Positional phenomena in phonetics and phonology, (GLOW Wroclaw Poland, 2010),

Workshop audiovisual perception (ZAS Berlin, 2011)

Building speaker - specific biomechanical tongue models (ICPhS Glasgow (UK), 2015)


Reviewer & editorial board member, editor

Grant agencies


DFG (Germany),

European Commission (Marie Curie Actions)

Berlin Graduate School of Mind and Brain (Germany)


Journals & conferences

The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research

Motor Control

Perception, Attention and Psychophysics

IEEE Trans. Audio, Speech and Language Processing

Journal of Voice

Journal of the International Phonetic Association

Journal of Phonetics

Computer, Speech & Language

Language & Speech

Since ca. 2007 I review for Interspeech, LabPhon, ICPhS, Speech Prosody, ISSP and smaller meetings


Editorial Board


Motor Control (since 2012)

Journal of Phonetics (since 2012)




Book series: Speech production and perception (Peter Lang Publisher) with Pascal Perrier


Ethical board of the DGFS


Member since 2012





Amelie Rochet-Capellan (now CNRS, GIPSA-lab Grenoble)

Caterina Petrone (now CNRS, LPL Aix-en-Provence)

Leonardo Lancia (now CNRS, LPP, Paris)

Özlem Ünal-Logacev (now Ass. Prof. Medipol University Istanbul)

Ralf Winkler (now at TU Berlin)

Mariam Hartinger (now Prof. at Medical Academy Berlin)

Stephanie Bouchaillard (now at private company)


PhD commissions


Christian Geng (2008): A cross-linguistic study on the phonetics of dorsal obstruents. HU Berlin

Daniel Pape (2008): Microprosodic differences in a cross-linguistic vowel comparison of speech production and speech perception. HU Berlin

Melanie Weirich (2011): The influence of NATURE and NURTURE on speaker-specific parameters in twins' speech: Articulation, acoustics and perception. HU Berlin


External examiner


Pertti Palo at QMU Edinburgh (2017)