Current research topics

  • Bilingual and second language acquisition
  • Narrative development
  • Discourse analysis of narratives
  • Information structure and topic
  • Pragmatics-grammar interface

Research projects  

  • since 10/2016
    Interdisciplinary Research Association (IFV),
    research manager
  • 10/2011 - 09/2016
    Berlin Interdisciplinary Center for Multilingualism (BIVEM),
    research manager
  • since 10/2009
    European COMENIUS-project Friendly Resources for Playful Speech Therapy (FREPY),
    Management of the German side of the project
  • since 01/2009
    European COST-Action IS0804 Language Impairment in a Multilingual Society: Linguistic Patterns and the Road to Assessment,
    Member of the working group Narrative and Discourse
  • 09/2007 - 12/2010
    Language Acquisition as a Window to Social Integration among Russian Language Minority Children in Germany and Israel (ZAS Berlin, Germany & Bar Ilan University, Israel)
    Management of the German side of the project
  • since 03/2005
    European research network The Structure of Learner Varieties,
    member of the working group Development of the Topic Component (MPI Nijmegen, Netherlands)
  • 11/2004 - 07/2007
    personal research project Topic as part of the information structure in oral discourse of Russian speaking learners of German (on the basis of the project Language Integration of Russian speaking Immigrants in Germany and Israel, University Bar-Ilan, Israel & FU Berlin, Germany)