Berlin Interdisciplinary Alliance for Multilingualism (BIVEM)

The Berlin Interdisciplinary Alliance for Multilingualism (BIVEM) brings together scientists specializing in language acquisition and experts with an educational and therapeutic background. The interdisciplinary collaboration allows new research findings to be implemented quickly as part of language support measures in kindergarten, preschool and primary school education. The alliance was initiated by the Centre of General Linguistics in Berlin (ZAS) and receive financial support from the Berlin Senate.

The background of the project is the high rate of migrant children and adolescents in Berlin, amounting to around 40%. Approximately one third of these children show a delay in language development in German which can lead to difficulties at school. As the educational success of children depends considerably on their language skills, high quality support is necessary. In the framework of the BIVEM project a study on language support methods in multilingual children is currently being conducted. Read more about the study under research topics.



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Prof. Dr. Manfred Krifka & PD Dr. Natalia Gagarina