Seventh colloquium
Semantics and Philosophy in Europe
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Berlin offers a great range of interesting sights, activities and places to see and to discover. The city’s cultural landscape is shaped by an exceptional mixture of historical institutions such as the Pergamon Museum, Jüdisches Museum or the Staatsoper Berlin and a strong independent art scene. Suggesting a few special things to do, there is certainly much more to see. Please find a selection of useful links that provide further information on Berlin below.

Welcome Card
The Berlin Welcome Card is a travel card that can be purchased for up to 5 days and combines free public transport with discounts on many museums and tourist attractions.

Discover Berlin from the waterside in taking a boat trip on the Spree. Daily tours of different lengths are offered by Reederei Riedel.

Holocaust Memorial
The memorial of the murdered Jews of Europe consists of the field of stelae designed by Peter Eisenman and is open 24h a day. More information about the exhibition and information centre can be found here.

Berlin Wall Memorial
The Berlin Wall Memorial is the central memorial site of German division. The Memorial contains of a piece of the Berlin Wall as well as an open-air Exhibition.

Komische Oper Berlin
The smallest of Berlin’s three opera houses emphasizes both parts of the term ‘musical theater’ and offers a Program with a string focus on Productions that includes various art Forms. Located only 15 Minutes from ZAS, “Komische Oper” is a great option for an entertaining and interesting evening. Please find the Program here.

Useful Links:

For general information on the city:

For a list of Berlin’s most popular sights:

For detailed information on museums and exhibitions:

Public Transport:
Tickets for public transport, including underground, busses and trams can be bought at the ticket machines located at all train, underground and urban railway stations. A selected range of tickets is also available on trams and busses. Fare for a single ticket is 2,60e, a day ticket is 6,70.
If you intend to stay in Berlin for a week it might be convenient to purchase a 7-day ticket for 28,80e. Further information on timetables, fares and a journey planner can be found on the BVG Website.

Contact: spe7(at)zas(dot)gwz-berlin(dot)de