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A study of the McGurk effect in4 and 5-year-old French Canadian children

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Merging methods of speech

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Anatomical structures involved in non-human vocalization

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Acoustic, kinematic and aerodynamic aspects of word-initial and word-final vowels in pre-boundary context in French

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Learning to control an articulatory synthesizer by imitating natural speech

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A visual articulatory model and its application to therapy of speech disorders: a pilot study

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Face models based on a guided PCA of motion-capture data: Speaker dependent variability in /s/-/?/ contrast production

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Control and representations in speech production

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Towards functional modelling of relationships between the acoustics and perception of vowels

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Von Kempelen et al. - Remarks on the history of articulatory-acoustic modelling

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A mechanical experimental setup to simulate vocal folds vibrations. Preliminary results

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On the invariance of speech percepts

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Towards a 3D articulatory model of nasals based on MRI and CT images

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Open quotient (EGG) measurements of young and elderly voices: Results of a production and perception study