DAAD Grant-Holder at ZAS
Dr. Anton Stepikhov from St. Petersburg State University is a grant-holder from DAAD and will stay at ZAS from 15th September to 15th December 2016. His research project investigates the process of expert manual annotation of unscripted speech and aims to explore the effect of annotator’s personality on speech segmentation.


New publication
This volume, which has been edited by the ZAS researches Werner Frey, André Meinunger and Kerstin Schwabe and just been published by John Benjamins, deals with sentential proforms and their relationship to their associated clauses. By providing syntactic, prosodic, semantic, psycholinguistic and corpus-based support, the book underpins the claim that there exist different sentential proform types in German and Dutch, that these proform types correlate with different verb classes, and that their associated related clauses are located in different syntactic positions.

Dienstag, 6.12.2016
Prof. Dr. Klaus von Heusinger (Universität zu Köln):
Namen sind mehr als Schall und Rauch. Zur Bedeutung von Namen in der Gesellschaft

Ort: Dorotheenstraße 24, 10117 Berlin, Raum 1.101
Zeit: 18:30 Uhr (!)

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♦ Studentische Hilfskraft zur Instandhaltung und Weiterentwicklung einer Datenbank (PB3)
Praktikumsstelle für deutsche(n) Muttersprachler(in): (Untersuchung bilingualer Kinder und Jugendlicher, Leitung: PD N. Gagarina)

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