Sinn und Bedeutung 22
Universität Potsdam Campus Griebnitzsee / Leibniz-ZAS Berlin
7-10 September, 2017

Sinn und Bedeutung – which takes its name from Gottlob Frege’s seminal paper Über Sinn und Bedeutung (‘On sense and reference’) – is Europe’s largest and most influential yearly conference in semantics and pragmatics.  It seeks to represent the full breadth of current research on natural language meaning, spanning formal semantics and pragmatics, the syntax-semantics interface, psycholinguistic studies related to meaning, and the philosophy of language.
The 22nd Sinn und Bedeutung takes place across the two cities of Berlin and Potsdam, jointly organized by the ZAS and the University of Potsdam.  It features in addition to the main conference a special session ‘Semantics and Natural Logic’ and a satellite workshop ‘Microvariation in Semantics’.

We are searching for research participants for linguistic experiments!
The Leibniz-Center General Linguistics (ZAS) and the Humboldt University are looking for research participants, who can participate in our language experiments either in our institutes in Berlin-Mitte or online (you must be at least 18 years old). You can find detailed information on our website  and can register to receive invitations for new and current experiments. After you have registered, you can always decide which experiments you want to participant in and when. Please support our research by signing up and participating!

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