Heusinger, Klaus von & Kerstin Schwabe (eds.). 2001. Sentence type and specificity (ZAS Papers in Linguistics 24). Berlin: ZAS.

Kerstin Schwabe, Klaus von Heusinger
Editorial Preface

Raffaella Zanuttini, Paul Portner
Exclamative Clauses at the Syntax-Semantics Interface

Horst-Dieter Gasde
Yes/no questions in Mandarin Chinese revisited

Kleanthes K. Grohmann
Clausal Tripartition, Anti-Locality and Preliminary Considerations of a Formal Approach to Clause Types

Remus Gergel
From Simple Predications to Clausal Functors: The English Modal through Time and the Primitives of Modality

Kerstin Schwabe
Sluicing Phenomena

Klaus von Heusinger
Specifics Definiteness in Sentence and Discourse Structure

Bart Geurts

Nicholas Asher
Deixis, Binding and Presupposition

Werner Frey
About the Whereabouts of Indefinites