Jäger, Gerhard, Anatolij Strigin, Chris Wilder & Ning Zhang (eds.). 2001. Papers on predicative constructions : Proceedings of the workshop on secundary predication, October 16-17, 2000, Berlin (ZAS Papers in Linguistics 22). Berlin: ZAS.

Gerhard Jäger, Anatolij Strigin, Chris Wilder & Ning Zhang

John F. Bailyn
The Syntax of Slavic Predicate Case

Misha Becker
The Syntactic Structure of Predicatives: Clues from the Omission of the Copula in Child English

Patrick Brandt
Presenting and Predicating Lower Events

Assinja Demjjanow, Anatoli Strigin
Measure instrumental in Russian

Roland Hinterhölzl
Semantic Constrains an Case Assignment in Secondary Adjectival Predicates in Russian

Orin Percus
Pracmatic Constrains on (Adverbial) (Temporal) Quantification

Susan Rothstein
What are Incremental Themes?

Sze-Wing Tang
Nominal Predication and Focus Anchoring

Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai
On Object Specificity

Niina Ning Zhang
The Structures of Depictive and Resultative Constructions in Chinese