My main research topics in the area of speech production and motor control are:

  • What do we control when we produce sounds and what is a byproduct of our vocal apparatus?
  • To what extent are inter-speaker differences actively produced or constrained by anatomical/physiological differences (e.g. palate shape, vocal tract shape)?
  • How are different articulators coordinated? What is the basis of this coordination?
  • What are the units of speech production?
  • What happens when we perturb the articulators?
  • What is the relation between speech planning and execution?
  • To what extent does breathing activity reflect the preplanning of an utterance?
  • How can sublexical speech errors be explained?
  • How is the serial order of units controlled?

I do not necessary have many answers to these questions, but I found them very challenging.

Research projects I am currently involved:

  • PB1 - Boundary phenomena in speech at ZAS Berlin
  • PILIOS (French-German cooperation)
  • Ambrym - Language documentation project in Vanuatu (I was the camera woman, see: - Project: Wer spricht noch Daakaka?)
  • SPRECHart (PI, project supported by the German Research Council)