Director: Prof. Dr. Manfred Krifka
Assistant directors: Prof. Dr. Artemis Alexiadou, Dr. Werner Frey

Centers for Advanced Study in the Humanities (GWZ)
Managing director: Wolfgang Kreher

Advisory Board

Coordinators in the BMBF Core program

  • Dr. habil. Dagmar Bittner
  • Dr. Werner Frey
  • PD Dr. Natalia Gagarina
  • Dr. Stefanie Jannedy
  • Prof. Dr. Manfred Krifka
  • Dr. Thomas McFadden
  • PD Dr. Uli Sauerland


There are currently (July 2016) 24 researchers working in the BMBF Core program and 13 researchers in the externally funded projects. In addition, 7 non-scientific staff members are employed at the Centre.