Linguistics for all

In the years 2013, 2006, 2004 and 2003, the ZAS participated in the 'Long Night of the Sciences' in Berlin. With experiments, talks, plays, posters, films and other presentation forms, we showed the fascination of linguistic research.

In 2013 some of the presented themes were: The function of the voice, Bislama language course for beginners, the endangered languages of Ambrym, and in former years: vocabulary of color, taste and smell; numerals; animacy in grammar; secret languages; clicks; exotic European languages. Guided tours through the PhonLab and hands-on experiments in the psycholinguistic lab are each time very popular.

The Berlin International Women's Club was our guest on June 24th, 2009. Event theme: Language acquisition, multilingualism, and language contact.

If you are interested in a presentation on a linguistic theme, our resources allow us to offer such events for special interest groups.