Library at the Centre for General Linguistics

The Library at the Centre for General Linguistics is a scientific special library for the staff and guests of the ZAS, and also serves as a reference and research library for employees of linguistic institutions and students of linguistic study courses in Berlin and Potsdam. Short-term loan for copying purposes is possible in exceptional cases.

The library has 57.640 volumes, among them 17.440 volumes ZAS research topics and 40.200 volumes German, Romance, Slavic, Baltic, Balkan, Finno-Ugric and East Asian Studies, including 353 linguistics journals.

Christina Beckmann (Head librarian)
Irina Busse
Melanie Juhl (Student assistant)

Email: bibliothek(at)
Phone: +49 30 20192-137

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
(Please check the homepage of the ZAS website for deviations from the regular opening times.)

The library at the Centre for General Linguistics

Collection of grammars

The ZAS Library currently has a stock of 1349 grammars of many languages of the world. They are placed in a separate room and systematically arranged.

The classification of these grammars is self-created. It's described in three different types of documents:

Graphical representation of the classification

(pdf, MS Word SmartArt graphics, 12 pages)

Detailed tabular presentation of the classification
(pdf, MS Excel spreadsheet, 11 pages)

Short description of structure and nomenclature

(pdf, MS Word, 1 page)