Anton Benz & Reinhard Blutner (eds.). 2009. Papers on pragmasemantics. (ZAS Papers in Linguistics 51). Berlin: ZAS.
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Anton Benz & Reinhard Blutner

Reinhard Blutner & Henk Zeevat
Optimality-Theoretic Pragmatics

Reinhard Blutner
Optimality-Theoretic Pragmatics Meets Experimental Pragmatics

Reinhard Blutner
Neural Networks, Penalty Logic and Optimality Theory

Tom Lentz & Reinhard Blutner
Signalling Games: Evolutionary Convergence on Optimality

Michael Franke
An Epistemic Interpretation of Bidirectional Optimality Based on Signalling Games

Henk Zeevat & Elena Karagjosova
History and Grammaticalization of "doch" / "toch"

Anton Benz
Outline of the Foundations for a Theory of Implicatures