Dr. Insa Gülzow

Project: 'Aber'-Erwerb

E-mail: guelzow(at)zas.gwz-berlin.de
Phone: +49 30 20192 503
Room: 431

Work in progress:
Establishing discourse referents: indefinite noun phrases in German preschooler’s narratives (submitted to Journal of Child Language)

Recent talks:
Gülzow, Insa, Victoria Bartlitz & Johannes Holthausen. The emergence of ‘ABER’ & ‘but’ in early longitudinal production data. Arbeitstreffen des DFG-Projekts: Erwerb von ABER im Englischen, Deutschen und Bulgarischen. 29.09.2014 - 30.09.2014, ZAS Berlin.

Gülzow, Insa, Victoria Bartlitz & Dagmar Bittner. The use of ABER ‘but’ and negation in early German production data. 13th International Congress for the Study of Child Language. 14.07.2014 - 18.07.2014, Amsterdam.

Term paper:
Johannes Holthausen ('Aber' research assistant): The contrastive feature of 'but' in its different functions