Downing, Laura (eds). 2011. Questions in Bantu languages: prosodies and positions. (ZAS Papers in Linguistics 55). Berlin: ZAS.
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Laura J. Downing

Georges Martial Embanga Aborobongui, Jean-Marc Beltzung, Fatima Hamlaoui & Annie Rialland
Questions partielles en ɛmbɔ́sí

Laura J. Downing
Wh-questions in Chewa and Tumbuka: positions and prosodies

Fatima Hamlaoui & Emmanuel-Moselly Makasso
Bàsàa Wh-questions and prosodic structuring

Larry M. Hyman & Francis X. Katamba
The tonology of Wh-questions in Luganda

Charles W. Kisseberth
Phonological phrasing and questions in Chimwiini

Al Mtenje
On relative clauses and prosodic phrasing in Ciwandya

Kristina Riedel & Cédric Patin
Question structure and intonation in Fipa

Cédric Patin & Kristina Riedel
Appendix: Question types questionnaire